If you have a difficult or very dirty job that requires a better than average vacuum, then the Hilton Dust Eater range of rentals are the way to go.

When dust issues become a Health & Safety problem in your premises or workplace, and a remedy is required urgently but capex (capital expenditure) is not readily available, then renting a Hilton vacuum becomes the number 1 solution.

Hilton Vacuum rentals are the best in the market and we’ll be happy to help you in renting one to assist your business.  With it’s Cyclonic AFPT (Air Filter Path Technology) it can easily handle fine dust like saw dust, gib dust, metal filings, plastic powders and a range of food particles.

We have a number of vacuum rentals available for the Hilton Vacuums product range with full maintenance included.

They are available to rent now by the half day, full day, weekly and monthly. Long term rental contracts also available, 12 month and 24 month.  NB, short term rentals currently only available in Auckland and Christchurch.

Long term rentals start from as little as $200 per month, ask us if you qualify – please contact us at the following:

NZ 09 579 1117, 09 580 1467,

AU 1 300 648 166, 1 300 739 410,

Review our standard rental contract by clicking this link

Hilton Rentals
Hilton Rentals

As you may be aware, renting reduces capital expenses and enables you to allocate dollars to other areas of your business. 

By renting you can get exactly what you need rather than trying to “make do” with something else with the knowledge that the equipment is well maintained and ready to go at all times.  Plus you avoid any depreciation issues and license and registration costs for equipment.

The main Hilton Vacuum Cleaner Products

We can also supply accessories and custom vacuum solutions to compliment your rental requirements.

We also have in stock specialist wet vacuums available for extremely difficult jobs. The Hilton Super Sucker Wet Vacuum with a water lift up to 3 metres and a suction rate of up to 120 litres per minute is extremely effective for use with heavy liquids and where a quick result is required.

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