HILTON VACUUMS include the Hilton Dust Eater Vacuum Cleaner and other variations of this style of vacuum to suit a wide range of industries. Our diverse range of industrial vacuums to flue cleaning kits, covers all industry needs.

Check out the New and Improved Hilton Vacuums 218 Series.

The HILTON VACUUMS team can assist with your specific industry requirements.

We can assess where you are and direct you to where you want to be.

Call or email us to arrange a meeting.

We are dedicated to developing tools for safer, more productive, and more efficient work places.

HILTON PRODUCTS accomplishes this mission, by drawing from over 25 years industry experience and a breadth of talent from various disciplines; Project Management, Industrial Maintenance, OH&S compliance and Mechanical Engineering.

We design specialist vacuum cleaner systems and industrial maintenance solutions considering the ‘People, Process and Plant’ elements of industrial waste management.

Hilton solutions are in over 20 different industries and currently in use by many industry leaders.

Industries we serve include:


Mining Manufacturing
Food and Beverage Marine
Roading Printing
Flooring Packaging
Building & Construction – Concrete Grinding Pharmaceuticals
Cement Works Oil & Gas
Cleaning & Industrial Maintenance Environmental & OHS
Civil Defence / Military Shipping & Transportation
Fabrics & Textiles Warehousing
Contractors & Tradesmen Trades
Cabinet Making & Fitting Schools
Farming & Agriculture Recycling
Industrial Hire & Rental Manufacturing Plastics
Engineering Workshops Concrete Precast Production

Our unique design, takes the time, sweat and hassle out of your factory cleaning and workshop maintenance with our industrial vacuum cleaners and commercial vacuum cleaners for more effective waste management.

Are these Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Right for Me?

If you want to cut maintenance costs, better your product quality, and improve your workplace environment then you have come to the right place. Have you experience these vacuum cleaner problems?

  • Cleaning taking too long or emptying your industrial vacuum cleaner too often
  • Vacuum cleaners leaving dust behind or your vacuum just moving the dust around
  • Loss of suction caused by blocked filters, blocked hoses, or gutless vacuum motors

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Options

View the HILTON Industrial’s range of vacuum cleaners listed by product specification. A brief overview of what you will find:

  • Vacuum Cleaners with long hose capability
  • Fine dust vacuuming with continuous suction
  • Customised vacuum models & specialty applications
  • Wet and dry vacuuming
  • Extra large capacity
  • Many useful vacuum waste handling options

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